Order a Comprehensive Database Report

Unless you are a Human Resource professional you probably don't know exactly what to order in a background check. We suggest that you may want to start with what is known as a Comprehensive Database Report. It is fast and includes a wealth of information about a person including:

The person’s home address and previous addresses
Phone numbers
Properties (includes sale price and history)
Relatives ( spouses and children) names and addresses
Liens & Judgments
UCC Filings
Business Affiliations
Business Addresses
Voter Registration (some states)
Criminal Records (some states)
Bankruptcy Civil Court Records
Florida Accidents
Patriot Act
Sexual Offenders Official Records
Marriages / Divorces Foreclosures
Court Search
And much more

Order $59 Report
Order $79 Report
Order $99 Report
$59  If you have the person’s Full Name
and Social Security Number.
$79  If you have the person’s Full Name,
date of birth and a current or
last known address.
$99  If you have only a person’s name
and last know address.

 Note:  If searching for a common name, like Bill Smith, you will need other information to narrow the search such as city of residence, partial address, birth month or year or spouse’s name.


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